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CounterCoin Challenge  (by Mike Riddell)

CounterCoin Challenge (by Mike Riddell)

19 Oct 2018
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18th October. The CounterCoin Blog

At today’s meeting:


were (left to right) CJ Walley, John Evans, Nicky, Narina, Sonya and Mel at “The Squat”


Stuff we discussed:

“Sending a message”. We decided that there is an opportunity to get behind local creative talent in a way that could generate some positive PR for the creator, for CounterCoin and for the local community that backs their boy (/ girl). The idea, broadly speaking, is to organise a local talent show the culmination of which (if they’re a singer) is a recording session in a studio, plus a promotional package that supports their creative development. A similar support package / financial investment would be offered to support any creative talent of any age of any kind. All we ask is for them to ‘send a message’. If they’re a boxer, then box for Coin; if you’re a singer, sing for Coin, an artist, a poet a writer, illustrator, designer, fixer, helper, carer….you get the gist. Obviously this is going to be work in progress but what we’re after is good ideas that will a) showcase the CounterCoin / #bekind philosophy and b) fund grass root creative talent. We’ll build £10k into the funding that we’re going for in the new year. But that sum will be just the beginning. The idea is simple. The more buzz we generate, the more funding we will raise. The more we can raise, the more we can back. Make it go round, and make it go faster. Generate our own gravitational pull – that’s the aim


The CounterCoin Challenge, on November 21st. First up, a recap on the venues: Burslem is the Co-Operative Academy School; Fenton Manor Leisure Centre;l Art Stop Stoke; Cultural Squatters in Castle; Longton Market and Tunstall Market and the YMCA in Hanley. Fab venues eh? We’re thinking that we might need or want to change the timings on the day to 10am till about 5pm, with a couple of breaks. We need to check with our host venues to see how they feel about these hours (of course the school will have its own hours and will close at 7pm when the winner is announced!) but it’s looking like our Narina is volunteering to work with all of our hosts to make sure the guest experience for The CounterCoin Challenge exceeds expectations. No problemo! The other thing that Narina suggested and which we all agreed with, is the need to have two people per venue as co-hosts – moral support, someone to talk to / dance with, etc. The YMCA will be ok cos it’s got a whole team of ‘friends’ up there (led by Nicky T and our Mel), but that still leaves us needing 12 co-hosts to find. Nae worries – it’ll be alright on the night!


“The MarketPlace.” This is the e-commerce section of the platform (“Access All Areas”) where CounterCoin members will visit to purchase tickets for events and activities that are ‘half price or less’. Think sport, theatre, leisure, gigs etc. We’ve been recommended to use a voucher-code based system – log in; discover an activity; buy it; receive a promo / voucher code / ticket straight to the phone. An assisted non-digital equivalent will be available through ‘the Ticket Booth’ feature in local community centres. The system we think should be able to pay out the venue straight away which basically means we don’t have to deal with any electronic-point-of-sale systems (thanks Roger Moore of Fenton Manor for this excellent Heads Up idea!). Anyhow, Sonya has loads of ideas about how this kind of system would work (think Wowcher) and she’s going to speak to our Stuart at Attain to suss out the integration between the volunteer management part of the system and the marketplace part of the system to make the earning and burning CounterCion experience seamless and slick.


“#BeKind To Your Mind”. CJ has some great ideas around mental health and wellbeing that we’re hoping he’ll develop into something we can back financially. It will build on the fab work done by the Man-Up team/crew at ReStoke. Exciting stuff. CJ is a fantastic writer and we’re so pleased to have him on board. Have a read of this.


It’s been a while since our statto has put one of his graphs up on here.

He’ll be along soon with some musings on what this may be telling us


In a nutshell, things are going exceptionally well. We reckon we can pull this gig off with only £400.00 as a budget. We reckon we can turn this into £150k (another ‘CounterCoin Challenge). Then we’ll be figuring out how to turn that £150k into £1.5m, then into £15m – you get the gist. Of course the trick is to invest it back into the people and the places and the ideas that raise awareness of CounterCoin.  


I think that’s pretty much it for today. It was a good meeting. Hats seemed to be the theme so if you’re planning on coming to next week’s meeting (11am 1pm) then do bring a hat cos they make us giggle!


Here’s Chris from The Squat wearing mine!

Cheers everyone, Mike.

P.S. Brian, I’ve already bought yours!!!

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