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This graph we mention quite a lot  . . . . .

This graph we mention quite a lot . . . . .

19 Jul 2018

Taking the static out of statistics

Oh how we’ve chortled down the years about the similarity of the words ‘static’; meaning immobile / stationary / rooted to his line and ‘statistics’; meaning numbers / damn lies / the unflattering presentation of a less than dynamic soul.

We want to show our growth, we want to share our story and we want to shape something that’s easy to understand.¬† When Mike asked for a record of the numbers as our embryonic movement first tingled he agreed that some form of graph might look decent. Affirmation of this hunch came when this¬†feature appeared in the Guardian and a big deal was made of the way we track our volunteered hours ‘poured into’ the project in York Place (and increasingly elsewhere).

So why does the graph look like it does?

As the weeks go by, anybody who’s contributed hours to the CounterCoin cause records that input and at the same time anybody that contributes to the cause is recorded as a volunteer, a new member. Each individual is of equal worth, be they the Cultural Squatters founders Narina and Fee or the newest volunteer, learning for the first time how to take an order, flip an oat cake or work the till.

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