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The Graph….  “THE Graph”

The Graph…. “THE Graph”

07 Sep 2018

The graph we look at each week is shown in a little clip below. The Guardian noted it’s presence on the office wall here and it keeps us ticking along, each week reminding ourselves that we are building something. Has it massive statistical significance? Perhaps not. One could argue that it’s misleading or that it’s inconsequential.

Yes, you could. But we see it as a progress tracker, a picture of our momentum, which, as you know is a product of mass and velocity. If you were a rugby player, a slow small player is easier to stop than a big fast fellow. The line is blurred if you’re faced with a fast small guy or a slow big chap but you can work it out. Bullets are awful dangerous things but you wouldn’t be worried if somebody was throwing them at you, further, a railway locomotive becomes a lot less of a problem if it isn’t moving (unless it’s on your front garden!)

Mass times velocity equals momentum – in our language, mass is represented by the number of people coming along with us and the velocity (a fancy name for speed) is the number of hours per week our volunteers contribute to society, by doing quantifiable good.

So whether the graph is a statistical irrelevance or otherwise, it means something to us. Just as you do – climb aboard…. ‘toot toot!’


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