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Helter skelter in the summer swelter

Our weekly meetings are a joy. Discussions in the round and then we’ll spread the goodness in any and all directions if we are able. Getting the word out is our campaign. Telling this good story is our aim.  We’re very pleased that so far we’ve had good press in Stoke. Very pleased. Our mission […]

This week’s inbox output

Was just about to* circulate the freshly minted CC graph for last week to the team when I realised I could pop it here and point them in this direction! The plan is that some of the team, and we have a terrific team, will submit their thoughts and motivations or their ideas and reservations […]

This graph we mention quite a lot . . . . .

Taking the static out of statistics Oh how we’ve chortled down the years about the similarity of the words ‘static’; meaning immobile / stationary / rooted to his line and ‘statistics’; meaning numbers / damn lies / the unflattering presentation of a less than dynamic soul. We want to show our growth, we want to […]

Growing goodness from a fallow field

South Manchester sunny morning   Meeting our compadres out and about might be difficult if we had nowhere to sit down. Getting this done with minimal resources, physical or fiscal, is quite a challenge but it’s not THE challenge. The actual long term mission is some form of revolution yet to be shaped and in […]

Meeting and all the good that spills into, and from it

Can’t be bored in this boardroom.   We want to touch a few points today. We’ll end up touching dozens of course but as usual we start at the middle and work outwards. Oftentimes plunging straight in is the best way, like swimming in the sea off Anglesey. Our agenda is looser than Love Island […]

What are CounterCoins and How Do They Work?

In Newcastle under Lyme, we’re involving the residents of our ancient and loyal town in a regeneration project that does things differently, and this blog is to keep people updated. We’ve begun by introducing a new community cafe that’s been trumpeted by The Guardian as a potential game changer for decaying town centres, a place […]