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Our latest graphical record of momentum..

Our latest graphical record of momentum..

20 Aug 2018

.. or, as more people join us, we could call it .. ‘movementum’

.. or, as we currently think of what else to call it ..’moment  erm’

.. or, as a the Cultural Squatters cafe guest, eased back and patted his satisfied but expanded central area .. ‘mo’ man tum’!

I’ll stop now.

But what ain’t stopping is the upward motion of our graph that features the number of volunteers we’ve accrued over the last few months, together with the number of hours those same #bekind investors have spent to be kind!

Should this chart flatline at any stage then we’ll know we’re not advancing our ideas and shriek with horror. Until then it’s a metric for growth, for contribution and for measuring social value. Hitherto, a hard thing to establish.

Today’s graph tells us a couple of things. Upcoming injections of new volunteers are going to arrest the minimal (yet steady) growth in ‘membership’, our current set of contributors are regularly devoting 400+ hours a week to the cause and we cannot afford to be content at the progress we’ve already made. Ever onward!


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