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New faces new beginnings new opportunities new arrivals

New faces new beginnings new opportunities new arrivals

22 Aug 2018
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Welcome to the world Freddy.

Welcome Nickala, sitting in for Alex who is sitting with Freddy.

Welcome to Sarah who’s joining us from Steady State Manchester.

Welcome to everyone, join in for a bit, leave when you want, no agenda,  no dogma, no hierarchy.  That’s not how we roll.

We’ll touch on Priorities , Projects, Narrative and Next steps. No need for Capitals if they aren’t Pronouns but sometimes words just need emphasis  !

Chris popped in, parked his bike, adjusted his CHiPy shades and let us know about the Outdoor Urban Garden he’s planning with the YMCA. He fashions planters (amongst other things) from old pallets and works to make the place a better place.  Pete reviewed his massive Social Enterprise Matters which sees him working with a host of big hitters such as the County and City councils, Chambers of Commerce, the Universities, VAST, Human Interest, UnLtd et al. His mission; Raise awareness of SE, grow SE and develop the hubs of which Counter Coin is most definitely one.

Jake quickly reviewed his Human Nature Escapes project which aims to get folks active in the landscape, helping people with stress get people back into work, and, you know, just like all our team, make the place better.  He then commenced preparation of his highly anticipated Counter Coin production line, making volunteer reward coins from clay dug from those very same local landscapes. Later on, we would produce a few coin in fine style. There’s a twitter movie here.

Sarah let us know that she’s here to observe and investigate the Cultural Squatters / Counter Coin operation put together a piece of writing to describe what she sees.

She saw Andy discuss his mission to improve the health and well being of Newcastle, Stoke, North Staffordshire, South Everywhere. She saw the potential for CC* fitted with a RFID** chip and an integrated EPOS*** to promote local business, which is why the upcoming meeting with Amy of the BID**** is so crucial.

She saw that our story is coming to the boil, ready to take to investors. Our ability to measure social value is ripening, ready to harvest and share. She heard that our metaphors are rubbish and we look forward to her writing her report.

Other things heard out loud

“We work to get twenty five redeemers by Christmas” – 25 by the 25th has a certain jingle bell ring to it.

“Produce the *Process Flow Diagram*” – I’m going to make sure that gets posted up here!

“There’s no losers in this and that’s the point” – cliche of the year so far is ‘zero-sum game’ – it’s not being used here!

One of our most effective and enthusiastic contributors is Steve and he produces a never-ending swirl of great leads, good news and gratifying outcomes. He’s sparking links with the Learning Disability Commission for ways to get the voluntary sector to be more responsible with and for the recruitment of volunteers, he’s growing ways for the unlocking of community, for stopping our earners relapsing to services and he’s mapping local areas for My Community Matters. One of the good good-guys for sure.

Narina takes time out form the myriad of activities in the Squat to tell us about the activities in the Squat. Without questioning why the alphabet is in the order it is, from Art through to Yoga there’s something for everyone. Anyone. The space is a real community hub and more and more folks make more and more spokes to reach out to the rim. Here you could imagine me filling a paragraph with more wheel related wordplay – or maybe enjoy some of your own. If you’re too tyred maybe circulate some later? Does a bicycle ever get two tyred?

Speaking of physical activity, we need to make sure our record of ping pong use stays up to date in order to keep the discretionary rate relief on the CS Cafe

A Community Gym! . . . .and off we go again! Meet you back here in a bit








*CC  **RFID  ***EPOS  ****BID



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