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Getting ready for The CounterCoin Challenge (By Mike Riddell)

Getting ready for The CounterCoin Challenge (By Mike Riddell)

02 Nov 2018
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So yesterday’s team meeting was attended by Narina, Steve, Brian, Tim, Monica, Grega and me. The focus of course is round 1 of The CounterCoin Challenge.

We began by reminding ourselves about why we’re running the challenge. The main objective is to raise awareness of CounterCoin and generate some positive PR for everyone involved.

This isn’t easy when you’ve only got a £400 budget, but we’re doing very well making that stretch especially as Valentine Clays are providing us with 14 bags of clay for free. Big shout out to those guys!

The point is that if we can engage lots of people with only £400, imagine what kind of an impact we could create if we had even more money!

So the idea is that off the back of the PR we generate, we can raise investment monies from the private sector that scale the challenge up at every round going forwards. Ploughing it all into Stoke to develop our capacity to rise to even bigger challenges is the plan.

CounterCoin is being formally introduced on Tuesday, 4pm at The Squat. We really don’t have any ideas about how many people will attend.

It could be one big flop, but even if it’s just us and our friends, it will be another step forwards.

Brian, Steve, Narina and myself will all be saying a few words from the heart – here’s the order of the day. Then Jake and Alex will be showing us how to make CounterCoins properly! I say properly because my attempts aren’t particularly great (Jake is a perfectionist and thinks we should bin them but we think they’ll remind us about where we once were!): 

What we need is the help of our friends to rally the troops in each of the 7 towns.

So if you know anyone who is passionate about their hometown, please share this post with them and ask them to share it with others.

We’ve created a Facebook page to make that a bit easier, and here is the link. Tell your friends, but nobody else.

We’re really pleased that we’ve now got ‘hosts’ for each of the venues. And I want to say a special thanks to those people who are making it happen on the ground on the 21st.

They are Narina in Newcastle, Steve in Longton, Anne in Stoke, Monica in Burslem, Tim in Tunstall, Jake in Fenton and Nicky/Mel in Hanley. Muchas gracias you guys.

Grega is helping me get the artwork looking tip top, and we hope to have something out in the next few days. We’re thinking that a counter-cultural look and feel would work well. More on that to follow as and when.

We also are knocking together a Captain CounterCoin outfit as well as some selfie boards for each of the venues to promote the photographic action in real time.

Me, Fee, Sonya and Captain CounterCoin (Ash) will be in the car on the day buzzing between the venues to keep the show on the road. Thanks to them too.

That’s it for now but stay tuned for updates.




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