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Meeting and all the good that spills into, and from it

Meeting and all the good that spills into, and from it

26 Jun 2018

Can’t be bored in this boardroom.


We want to touch a few points today. We’ll end up touching dozens of course but as usual we start at the middle and work outwards. Oftentimes plunging straight in is the best way, like swimming in the sea off Anglesey. Our agenda is looser than Love Island morality.

Talking TV, Story films were coming today but aren’t. What will be the best way to use any coverage we get? How do we ensure there’s no hit-job-poverty-porn which was one reason Narina threw her flat screen in a skip.

Fee went to Factory last night. It’s a Stoke Council initiative to help creative industries into social enterprise. Pete Twilley put her onto it and we’re hopeful it can lead to new issuers and new redeemers.
Fun fact. The Potteries is a region of the country known for what it produces. Can you think of anywhere else?
I’m not sure if Eccles or Dundee count.

The creative development of individuals has taken a bit of a back seat in recent years as Art and its appreciation seems more of a preserve of the privileged. CS, as an art and artist’s space, works to correct that and hopefully we can work some creative initiatives into our narrative.
Nicky is going to hook us up with the Cultural Education Partnership which has 250 members and the Arts Council won’t grant funding for projects without C.E.P approval.

Even though YMCA is moving out of YP (Nicky reiterated invitations to their leaving party next week) they will still be involved as they’ve been using the CC model since February. Mike will chat with Mel and map a way forward for the ‘Y’ and CounterCoin Hanley(?)

The Main Board formation has been keeping Brian occupied for a while and following general agreement the makeup of such will include; a chairman, two Founders, two Issuers, two Redeemers, two Volunteers and two Supporters (eleven) plus we have a Treasurer and a Secretary. Of course this is an upper limit and starting off we’ll have fewer than eleven members of the Main Board. ……and don’t forget there’ll be local boards in each of the CC clusters.

So far the Main Board includes Pete Twilley nominated for the Chair (perhaps he’ll say yes) with Nicky , Brian , Alex , Mike (in no order this), Narina , Fee , Andy  and Steve . No doubt over the course of these musings you’ll get to know these guys. Babies on their way, babies arriving, baby talk, boys and girls taking baby steps and growing. Growing and learning. Working together as firm equals and no egos.

The Board will have Director’s responsibilities and liabilities that we expect to grow. Local boards will spring up and we want members of those to feel just as involved as the guys on the main board.

A pressing engagement is the push for a crowd funding platform to realise the chipped ceramic coin that will replace the acrylic ones as our CounterCoin token. We’re making moves to use these nifty rfid devices to store an earners transaction digitally.

Given the YMCA moving out of the arcade, ideas get knocked about for using the space for good things. Item one. FOOD!

Everybody needs food. Food is a real common denominator huh? There is potential for using the unit for expanding on the food project the Cultural Squatters are already running. Ideas spill out; cookery classes, what to do with food bank items, advice for new or young mums, bake off competitions, culturally diverse sessions, older persons luncheon club, a Saturday Morning Kitchen Slash Sunday Brunch Get A Band On and Broadcast the thing….

a Michelin starred restaurant. . . . ?

or do we have

a Restaurant star, in Michael?

Michael’s Inn – Michelin – geddit

To do list. 1. Speak to a kitchen designer. 2. Think about start up funding. 3. Remember ‘Function leads to Form’.

Could this ‘fun food factory aspect (or call it some other rhyming or related alliterative moniker – ‘cultural cuisine quest’ – ‘not rude nude dude food’) be something we could have the TV people report upon. Empty rooms to full stomachs.

Maybe the Michelin Foundation  might find a way to help out?

Cultural Squatters is two moths old. It was only an idea twelve weeks ago! We can’t wait to relate the stories. They’ll appear here guys; fighting epilepsy, beating depression, learning new skills you might take for granted, strangers offering to help, film students and oh my. . . . as we departed the service area we scoped out a knockout double-stage-all-day-music-&-food-heaven #bekindfest

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