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Come along and share. Give and get.

Come along and share. Give and get.

05 Sep 2018
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Help us to Help you.


Our Thursday meetings at Cultural Squatters have been a whirlwind of reports, plans, discussions, connections, visitors and positive energy. Most of all positive energy. Tons of it. I’d like to give you a summary of such here if you’ll allow.

The move from the office to the Squat has meant it’s easier for the eclectic mix of participants to come and go amongst the hubbub of the ping pong, baby squeals, sumptuous soundtrack and productive chatter. We’re many weeks in now and each week more new faces arrive at the meeting to see and say what’s being done, here and where they’re from. This cast of caring #BeKind characters and their introductions to their life and times, these are our resources, our knowledge bank and experience database.

Today was gentle chaos.

We had many points of the compass represented; Sandra from Northampton, Lucy from Shrewsbury, Clare from Hereford plus Carl and Gareth from Wrexham. These guys are keen as can be and came to give as well as take from the meetings. It is blatantly obvious that they heed our call to action…..”Help us to help you”

We framed the challenges we face as “Social capital v Financial capital – caring for people and planet rather than money and power”

Our visitors provided thoughts and insights that we’ll return to down the line. We have to, there’s so much good swirling the table it’d be an awful thing to do to forget about it. We look forward to;

Memorandum of Understanding on Health and Housing

Social Impact Spreadsheet on Story Telling

No Focus Groups – just invite the NHS, businesses, tourists, whoever it occurs to you to invite

Social Prescription – GPs are increasing need of ways to apply this



Inter-generational Care-homes – Caring for the Future.


We heard and agreed;

“Integrating is cheaper than building”

“Yield is a better word to use than profit”


Our visitors are no longer visitors, they’re members. We learnt that in the Welsh Assembly, Wellbeing is at the heart of EVERY decision.

Gareth was very keen on our co-created CounterCoin as currency. We don’t use the word ‘currency’ as volunteers on benefits aren’t allowed to earn ‘currency’. The DWP has confirmed that CC won’t affect benefits.¬†Would we like to come to his place to discuss things further? Oh yes indeed.

The internet might not be big enough at this point to contain a record of the enthusiasm at the meeting; pledges, promises and contacts were made, hugs dished out, the mechanics of making and firing clay coin (thanks Alex) were revealed, a fledgling call to arms Powerpoint viewd and a date in early September set for a Wrexham road-trip





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